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Posted by Jill Dawson on

When you are training them they soon realise you may not be able to  correct their behaviours unless you are standing close by.  Remote collars make it possible to humanely correct, discipline and perhaps reward your dog even at distance.  They are your 'electronic long rope'.  Remote collar are effective training tools for both professional trainers, and individual pet owners  and can be used in many situations such as:

  •  refusing to come when called   (once they know the command) -
  • chasing cars
  • chasing other animals
  • digging nuisance barking
  • field training / working dogs

They work effectively and quickly and allow you to distract the dog by breaking his train of thought so as he can centre his attention on your command.

they are not a cruel tool, they will not injure your dog, and when used correctly the sensation your dog feels from the collar is similar to the sensation you get from  static electricity.

In the past systems had very limited choices of correction to choose from, now with a number of levels of stimulation you can determine  the level your dog needs.

Consider a remote trainer as part of your training programme  - both you and your dog will benefit;  your dog's behaviour may determine your stress level!    

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