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The Micro collar - 20% smaller and lighter...same features - we think of everything.

Posted by Jill Dawson on

The RX-070 is the micro collar  available from Collartron Systems Ltd New Zealand.  This receiver is about 20% smaller than the standard collar and can be programmed into any 300, 400 or 900 transmitter. Although smaller all the features of the Mini Educator  are still available on the transmitter   This collar has been designed with the smaller dog in mind  and has a range of 500m.   The Micro System  can be purchased as a complete system

E-Fence Pro Containment System.  A system that supports  one or multiple dogs.

This system  really is a 'one collar that  fits and  is suitable for  all dogs '.    Selling at 485.00 incl.  This is  self install unit - compare that price to a fence..  Info available on the website..   You may buy cheaper but not better.

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