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ET-300 Mini Educator Collar Remote Trainer  with our usual great after service

ET-300 Mini Educator Collar Remote Trainer with our usual great after service


 Feedback from Customers:

"Just Brilliant - My confidence has increased and my dog is still my best friend."

"What a tough little unit - I ran over it the other day...still goes..." 

"Great Price and excellent after service."

A  well constructed system made in the USA  that provides peace of mind and allows you to  still  be best friends with your dog.    Urban users are finding this system so easy to use and offering 'peace of mind'.   The wide variety of  corrective levels allows you to' customize' to suit your dog. 

Suitable for small to large dogs. Very easy to use with a lot of features:  Transmitters are standard colour of yellow ;

Additional colours are available for transmitter - Black,, black and white zen, pink, blue, orange or red  -  please specify if additional skin is required when ordering and add 27.00 to cost.   Additional skin will come along with standard yellow skinned transmitter.

Check out the popular   lightweight Black Training Leash  perfect for using when training your dog with the e-collar  15.00 with system.


  • 100 levels with 'Lock and Set' option.
  • Night blue LCD display on transmitter.
  • Remote tracking light on collar.
  • Momentary and continuous buttons.
  • Tapping sensation button (improved vibration) with tone option too.
  • Floating transmitter.
  • 2 hour quick charge (Li-polymer batteries - charger included).
  • Lost transmitter beeper option.
  • Completely waterproof to 500m.
  • Shock resistant to 5000 Gs.
  • Expandable to two collars.
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty
  • USA designed and assembled
  • Great NZ backup service.

800 metre range (for Mini collar)

500 metre range (for Micro collar - 20% smaller, for the smaller dog)

Mini - Working well for both urban and light stock work. 

Sometimes urban dogs require correction to halt bad habits, such as chasing cars or chooks, digging, jumping on furniture etc.  This is a solution to these types of problems as well as a training aid.  Quickly the dog learns to leave well alone - saves on your stress and theirs.  Happy handler, happy dog.

Most popular accessories:

  • Quick release Belt clip - $18.00  
  • magnetic anywhere clip  45.00
  • Training leash - $15.00
  • reflective collar belts
  • Think about adding a bungee collar strap with quick release - colour options.  Great for  everyday use - the bungee insert make any collar belt comfortable to wear  - add 42.00

NEED AN ACCESSORY? Please add note when ordering. 



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