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About Our Collars


Our dog training collars are remote products that are rechargeable and give you improved  control over your dog by being able to discipline it for not responding to actions and instructions that it has previously been taught.

What is a remote trainer?

The remote trainers provide a simple and reliable dog training tool to make dog training simple. These systems are suitable for both working and domestic dogs.

The typical system we supply will include:

Transmitter: The compact hand held transmitter sends a signal to the receiver that will deliver the correction to your dog. The transmitter has a number intensities and features 

  • Correction intensity
  • Correction duration: Nick (brief), or continuous (with safety cut-out)
  • Non-electrical correction: tone or vibration
  • Collar choice (for multiple systems)

Waterproof Collar: A receiver that delivers the correction. The electrical correction is not as intense as an electric shock, but more like the sensation experienced when one gets car door static.

Battery Charger and test light. E-Collar technology include spare contact points.

The timing, intensity and duration is under the control of the handler. You cannot deliver a dangerous amount of stimulation to the dog.

What about conventional dog training methods?

These dog training collars are to be used to emphasise one preferred action (or preferred behaviour) at a time. These systems should be used as an effective aid to the training of your dog, but not as an alternative or replacement of traditional practices.  The training system is the handlers 'long rope'.

Does the system come with instructions?

For remote trainers or bark collars we always supply detailed instructions. We are also easily contactable if you want to talk in person about your system and we have contact with several dog training experts if you have any specific questions.


Do you have a problem with your dog barking?

Our bark control collars (also known as anti-bark collars or, bark limiters and bark control collars) provide an effective and humane solution.  They are robust and waterproof come with a battery charger.  No ongoing costs of replacing batteries.

How do bark control collars work?

These collars are designed to discourage and eventually eliminate nuisance barking. This is done by delivering both a warning tone prior to the stimulation sensation to allow for better learning and less stress on your dog, once the vibration of the dogs vocal chord has been picked up by the sensor.  The BL-100 offers 4 levels plus an automatic mode that will have the stimulation adjust itself. The DT1125 delivers a stimulation sensation only.  

Why use a bark collar?

It's normal for dogs to bark, however nuisance barking is annoying. These collars give you a dog training tool that effectively manages this (and without you being present). By sending the correction to the dog, you can teach him or her that the inappropriate barking is not OK and often after a few weeks your dog will have completely learnt the lesson.

It is important that this does not replace traditional animal welfare requirements. Dog's need companionship, proper housing, watering and feeding. If all these factors are present, and the problem occurs, a bark collar is appropriate.

Do the collars come with a instruction booklet?

Every system we supply comes with easy to follow instructions, whether a dog barking collar or remote dog training collar. You can also contact us if you want to speak to a person who can troubleshoot your problems or provide information.