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About Us

CollarTron dates to the 1980's when founder Jack Dawson became interested in how to use electronic training collars to train dogs and began the CollarTron business. Since then the business has expanded and changed into daughter Jill's hands, and to date provides reliable dog training systems which are professional easy to use and serviceable. 

Jack Dawson - Collartron Founder

DT Systems
We choose DT Systems for NZ conditions. DT Systems provide top quality remote dog training collars and anti-bark collars that are industry leading in what they do. We concentrate on the models that we know meet the needs of New Zealander's. All DT Systems products we provide come with a warranty to ensure you have peace of mind with your investment.  DT system collars remain very simple to use.

E-Collar Technologies
More recently we have introduced this top of the line USA developed and built brand.  This exciting brand offers very up to date technology and many features including fully waterproof systems with style, functionality and reliability. Night lights, controllable from the transmitter are standard on all collars allowing the handler to safely work or walk their dogs at night. The advanced COS (control of stimulation) enables the handler to  fine tune the corrective level best suited to the dog, with mild mannered and stubborn temperaments catered for.  Further features include a patented 'lock and set' feature which prevents the accidental over stimulation of the dog - and in the two dog system each collar can be locked to the level specific for the dog.

Choice of range between 800m and 1.5 kilometers in single and double units.

You have the option to stand out with a coloured transmitter and collar belt.

E-collar technologies have a strong commitment to innovation and are providing dog owners with an advanced and reliable training system.

"Safe, Simple, Effective & Reliable"
That is our goal, and we focus on providing the best solution for your individual needs. We have tried and tested many of the products available elsewhere and we have discarded them because they do not meet our standards. They mostly fail the reliability test and are generally not able to be serviced in New Zealand. Whether you need a dog training collar, or bark collar your needs are unique and we will cater to them in a way that is simple for you and gets great results.

Back up service for repairs
We also provide an excellent service for all repairs and any faults with the system you purchase.   Repairs can be undertaken in Hastings by Brownings Electronic Services. We have worked with Keith Browning for the last 25 years.