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Collartron Systems Ltd.

We have been importing reliable electronic dog training equipment in New Zealand since 1985. Whether it is training collars for working dogs, or for the household pet, or bark control collars for the noisy canine, we will have something that is safe, simple to use and effective.

At Collartron our aim is to 'make good dogs better'.

E-Collar Technologies Inc

E-Collar Technologies Inc.

Collartron is the official New Zealand supplier of E-Collar Technologies remote dog trainers and bark control collars (sales and service).

Need to control your barking dog?

Check out our BL-100 Bark Control Collar.  This is a very user-friendly collar and probably the best of its kind. Effective but gentle when needed. » See details of the BL-100.

E-Fence Pro Dog Containment System

Keep dogs confined within an invisible boundary that you set. Neat and tidy with buried boundary wires.