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H2O 1820 PLUS Remote Trainer - CoverUp CAMO

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The 'new look' H20 Plus System.

One, two or three dog options. Very simple to use. DT Systems have been manufacturing these great collars for nearly 30 years. Collartron has been selling them for almost that long - we know then well. Of course, they have changed over the years, becoming smaller, lighter, more humane and more efficient.

  • 'Nick' and 'continuous pulse'.
  • Vibration/warning mode.
  • Vibration and pulse simultaneously.
  • Very tough unit that copes with all environments.
  • Floatable Transmitter (on lanyard) and collar are both fully waterproof.
  • Battery charger included.
  • Fully serviced in New Zealand.
  • 24-month warranty.

A one-dog package can be expanded to control two or three dogs by purchasing add-on collar/receivers at any time. These are programmable by the owner with clear and simple instructions in the manual. Probably the simplest system out there.

No issues around servicing or accessing parts for many of the older DT system units. Add-on collars are very well priced.

One dog range: 1600m