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'The Boss' 802TS E-Collar Remote Trainer

'The Boss' 802ET E-Collar Remote Trainer


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The BOSS is a well constructed  2 collar system  that is robust and functional - made in the USA.    

Proven as suited to New Zealand conditions and New Zealand dogs.   Suitable for medium or larger  dogs above 10kg and for farming/stock situations.
The BOSS  is a more powerful unit with a longer range than the 400-ET series   Great system at a great price and receiving GREAT feedback... and now proven in NZ  to withstand being buried in the snow and  rain.

Easy to use 

  • Sturdy carry case for a well constructed  training system
  • 100 levels with 'Lock and Set' option - customize to suit your dog .
  • Night blue LCD display on transmitter.
  • Remote tracking light on the collar.
  • Momentary and continuous buttons.
  • Tapping sensation button (improved vibration).
  • Floating transmitter.
  • Lost transmitter beeper option built in.
  • Completely waterproof to 500m.
  • Spare additional contacts for longer-haired dogs.
  • Detachable belt clip included.
  • Shock resistant to 5000 Gs.
  • 2 collars.
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty
  • Great  Back up NZ Service 
  • Affordable  

1600 metre range - suited to working dogs.