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E-Fence Pro Dog Containment System - self install

  • SELF INSTALL - no need to pay someone else  to install
  • Top product, American made 
  • Clear instructions to do it your self  and train your dog - less expensive than any conventional fence 
  • Purchase extra wire at wholesale price
  • Supports multiple dogs
  • Over-stimulation prevention
  • Run through prevention
  • Stimulation level adjustable up to 30 levels (each collar  can be individually programmed)
  • Waterproof and shock-proof
  • Tone only mode included  (for highly sensitive dogs)
  • Quick  rechargeable  Li-Polymer batteries
  • Small collar fits all dogs - (we keep it simple)
  • Adjustments on the control unit - not the collar
  • NZ warranty
  • Proven to work in NZ
  • Cheaper does not necessarily mean better.

Back in stock.

- Price includes 50 training flags. and 100m wire.